For client confidentiality, testimonials are not always put up on this website. Please feel free to ring Judi for more information on past successes.

Mark (December 2016)

After a redundancy I found myself only able to see the negatives in my own abilities. I was astounded that only three sessions with Judi could help me regain my positive self image and move forward once again in my professional life. I could not recommend her practice highly enough.

Jo (June 2016)

Hope you don’t mind me emailing you but I couldn’t wait a week to tell you how I feel!

You said I’d be emotional , heck! Yesterday I couldn’t keep the smirk off my face, this morning I told it like it was to one of my clients who wasn’t treating me like a business and needed a good old talking to (normally I wouldn’t ever do this) this afternoon I went to my a meeting for my hobby and cried like a baby.
I had three emotions in 24 hours, eek what’s next! And the weird thing is all of these people including the client were fully appreciating where I was coming from and supported my every move!
I’ve never had emotion flow out of me like this after hypno! And as for sugar, fat etc, heck who needs it, not me, couldn’t care less! You are a master! Amazing! Go you!

Sue (February 2016)

I had had difficulty falling asleep for the last 28 years since the birth of my first child, but with Judi’s wonderful help, the problem is solved. Her “magic staircase” does the trick EVERY night: better health, energy, mood and skin! Thank you so much Judi.

Rachel (May 2015)

I wonder if you remember me? I came and saw you a few years ago and I fully credit your sessions to having a break through with my depression and binge eating. I lost 20kgs but I’ve put 7kgs back on. I really feel like I need a refresher and generally need to talk through life

Ruth (April 2015)

How are you? I came to you a few years ago, before my travels to Egypt, as I was worried that I may experience problems with claustrophobia (or similar) when I went into the Pyramids and/or underground tombs. I don’t know if you remember?
Well… everything worked out just fine, thank you… and I can also touch raw chicken now without needing gloves. (I guess some things work out better than planned. Who knew?  )

Gina (April 2015)

I went really well with my performance a couple of weeks ago and I’m feeling a lot more confident when I play the director even wrote in my feedback how much my confidence has improved!! I always practise the techniques we did in our sessions and always listen to your tapes!
I want to say a HUGE thank you again for just everything you have helped me with :”) I really hope you are well and happy as always :D!!
A big big BIG HUG

Lydia, Life direction (January 2014)

You’re the reason I found my direction in life. Thank you for your continued support & encouragement to enjoy the journey. I recall when we first met (when I wasn’t sure what I wanted to achieve in life), your suggestion that I consider helping women.  You won’t be surprised to learn that this is what I’m now focussed on doing; helping women to embrace physical exercise and healthy lifestyle practices.

Rebecca, Anxiety (January 2014)

I went to see Judi about two years ago and cant stress enough how much the three sessions with her changed my life for the better.

This was my situation- I was a twenty one year old student in my second year at university. I began to realise that ongoing negative feeling I was having weren’t right, these feeling included feeling generally down, confused about my uni course and the future, as well as physical and social insecurities that were holding me back. These issues are things not uncommon with a lot of people in their late teens and early twenties, and as I recognised how much I was being held back from a better quality of life I decided to be proactive and see Judi who had been recommended to me by a good friend.

Due to a somewhat turbulent time in my teenage years I was left with a feeling that I think is best described as the sensation of being blindfolded. I knew I was feeling depressed and introverted but as much as I tried I couldn’t see through the blindfold to see what was causing the pain I couldn’t, I didn’t know how I should go about healing so I could become one of these outgoing, adventurous and confident people I was growing jealous of.

I was amazed to see how Judi was able to get to the root of the relationship dynamics and past experiences that were causing these feelings, which afterwards seemed so obvious and yet I couldn’t see it at all before. I was beginning to be able to see and understand the ongoing habits and thoughts that perpetuated my insecure depressed state.

Now that the source of my pain was discovered I felt an amazing sense of clarity. But Judi didn’t stop there, she somehow chipped away at my negative perspective and replaced it with an open, understanding and confident outlook on my self and my future. I expected that Judi’s work would help me though a hard time but she surpassed my expectations and I now see my experience with her as seriously life changing. I would recommend anyone in a similar position to myself to see her as I can guarantee it’s worth every penny and you will not regret it!

Clare, Nervousness, Stress, Public Speaking (September 2013)

“I contacted you for help with public speaking and would like to provide the following feedback: After just the first session I felt drastically different. You helped me realise that there were some personal issues that I hadn’t addressed and taught me some techniques to alleviate the debilitating nerves, which I had been suffering from. I have noticed a vast improvement in my ability to control nerves and stress in public speaking situations. This has improved my confidence and presenting capabilities. I would highly recommend anyone looking to improve his or her public speaking to consult you. I’ve no doubt that they will be delighted with the result.”

Claire, Weight Loss (February 2012)

“I would like to take this opportunity to recommend Judi to anyone looking for an experienced and genuine professional, and someone who will help you achieve the results and changes you are seeking in your life.

I came to Judi for assistance with weight loss, and have achieved that and so much more. After having some negative experiences with other practitioners, I found Judi and I was immediately comfortable with her caring and professional approach. I had my ideas of what I wanted Judi to help me with, and Judi was able to also help me understand that the issues were not just one dimensional, and we were able to get to the root of my problems and address them through hypnosis and other behavioural changes. Judi’s approach was not a “quick fix” but has been gradual and sustainable.

As a result of the work I have done with Judi over the past few months I have found that I am calmer, happier, more focused and centred, am eating healthy, have lost weight and have re-commenced my exercise regime, and am overall on a positive path again.

Judi will help you change your life for the better.”

Jo, Depression (November 2011)

“Thank you so very much for helping me find my way back onto the good happy road, I’m feeling calm and in the world of the happy dance for the moment and planning to stay here for a while!!!

I found my post it note with the 3 words they were accept, move and breathe!!!!! It’s like some part of me already knew what I needed I just had to hear it and enable it.”

Eleanor, Life & Happiness (October 2011)

“I hope this email finds you well Judi. I wanted to say that I got heaps out of our session. Quite subtle at first and a couple of shabby days but overall I can feel a real shift with my psyche and an increased sense of hope plus a longer vision. I really think something shifted – its not apparent at first (to me anyway) but the plates have definitely shifted 🙂 Thanks, hope to meet up again for further progress!

Linda, confidence, self esteem (September 2011)

“I’m back from my holidays so I can finally send you the note I’ve been meaning to send since I last saw you. I hope you are keeping well. I’m still on track with training myself to change my way of thinking and I continue to see and experience life in a far more positive way. Thank you so much for your help and for providing me with the tools to improve the quality of my life.

You immediately instilled me with confidence and belief that you could help me and you didn’t disappoint. You helped me realise that I was far from alone in my way of thinking and that by learning some unique (& easy to follow) techniques, I could approach life in a far more positive and confident way. I see an improvement in most of my relationships, as I no longer fret about what 20 other people think and only concern myself with matters within my control. I haven’t had a ‘dark and heavy’ day for a couple of months now, which is a first! Most important of all, I value myself a lot more and see that I have a lot to offer the world. Thank you for helping me see the light!”

Matt C, weight loss (April 2011)

“I feel like I have my mind back again, I am starting to use my eyes more. I notice things that I always missed before, because the clouds are lifting. I now can think clearer, visualise again enabling me to start understanding people’s stories easier when before I was lost. The facility of focus is allowing me to stay on track with a diet.

Problems that have troubled me for years now seem very basic.”

Steve, flying phobia (January 2011)

“Just a quick note to say many thanks, I had 4 long haul flights to the UK and back to the Sydney and I was perfectly calm and comfortable, I even enjoyed them. There were a few moments where I felt a bit uncomfortable, but they didn’t affect me and I didn’t have a problem with turbulence. I also felt fine on the tube, compared to 2 years ago where I felt a bit uncomfortable on the tube.”

Steve, flying phobia (October 2010)

“The two flights went very well to and from Melbourne. I was fairly nervous beforehand and considered not getting on board, but once on board, I calmed down and remained calm throughout the flight. On the flight there, a girl in the seat in front of me was being travel sick, but it didn’t affect me. I was a bit concerned about the flight back, just because I have found that I am calm on the flight there and much more nervous on the flight back, but I again found that once on board I calmed down and remained calm throughout the flight. I am very pleased because it has been such a big thing in my head for the last 18 months.

Both flights were perfectly smooth, so part of me wonders what I would be like in turbulence and part of me is a bit concerned about longer flights to go back to the UK on holiday over Christmas.

My plan is to head down to Melbourne again soon so that I stay in the habit of flying and keeping it as a positive experience in my mind.

Thanks again for your help and I’ll keep you updated as to how I am getting on.”

Cass, depression (September 2010)

“Well, I thought I would let you know that I arrived home safely yesterday and I am feeling much more positive since being back. It is so weird because I am back in my home surroundings where I have only ever known to feel down in, and since being back, I feel like a different person, a better person, a more positive person. Even to feel like a person at all is amazing because before I have just always felt so lifeless. Now I feel much more full of energy, I have been dancing in my room while listening to music, whereas before I would just lie on my bed lifeless. It is truly amazing how much more positive I have become and I have already planned to meet a friend tomorrow and then another friend (who I have not seen since Christmas) next week! I really feel that life will continue to be like this and I remain much more positive. And it is you I have to thank for that!!”

Lydia, relationships (August 2010)

“I wanted to share with you a profound and positive change to my relationship with my son, brought about by all your fantastic work and Marisa Peer’s book (Ultimate Confidence). Let me explain: prior to reading Marisa’s book, I felt very disconnected with my son but after completing the exercise on page 49 of her book, which asked that I visit my childhood home and bring the child (me) back to the present, my relationship with my son immediately changed. The experience of taking a journey back to my childhood home and bringing my child self to the present, was exactly what I needed to feel connected with my son. Perhaps this wasn’t what Marisa Peer had intended to occur, given that her book is targeted to issues dealing with self-confidence. However, I’m delighted that her book has helped me to see my son as being every bit a part of me. I now treat and speak with him as I would have liked to have been treated and spoken to as a child.”

Gina, fertility (May 2010)

“I have been meaning to email you for a while now but never seem to get around to it. I have some very exciting news – I’m pregnant! I’m 23 weeks along and we are having a girl due on New Years Day. I wanted to share this news with you as I believe you helped me to achieve my goal, teaching myself to relax and focus on what I really wanted really did work. My husband and I were totally shocked to find out we were finally going to be parents and for the first few months we both were on tender hooks, but as each day passes I’m closer to my goal. So thank you!
I’m hoping to use the relaxation techniques you taught me during the birth.”

Louise, self esteem (Sept 2009)

“First of all thank you very much for our last session. It was absolutely great. I finished the book you gave me and I am playing the CD that comes with it every day, with the great result – Steady progress! And I love myself more and more.”

W. W, public speaking (July 2009)

“I would like to thank you for your help with public speaking. After one session I had the confidence to address a large group of people. It was wonderful to be able to use techniques we covered in our session to face a fear I have held for so long. Thanks again!”

Kimberley, dog phobias (Jan 2009)

“I would like to thank you for all your help during my therapy sessions with you. It certainly had positive impacts on my life. I no longer am afraid of dogs.I even made two doggie friends during my visit overseas recently. I wish I could do more and hope to see you in 2009.”