Symptoms and Behaviours of Trauma Deliver a Message

Visiting one’s trauma is quite different from reliving it. Various forms of trauma happen primarily on an instinctive level. The memories of overwhelming events are stored as incomplete, disconnected experiences in our mind and body. When we access our mind/body memories, we can begin to liberate the natural energy that did not have a chance to be used at the time of the event. You can learn that life falls into place a little easier when you are calmer and more relaxed.

It is important to understand that any and all symptoms and behaviours can appear no matter what kind of event caused a trauma. And these symptoms may disappear when the trauma is healed. In order to heal trauma, we need to learn to trust the message our body and mind is giving us. The symptoms of trauma are internal wake-up calls. If we learn how to listen to these calls, how to increase the awareness of our mind/body and finally and how to use these messages, we can begin to heal our traumas inside and out. Healing needs to happen for us to lead a more productive, authentic and happy life.




Reference: Adapted from “Healing Trauma” by Peter A Levine Ph.D