Patients improve under her spell

This article was originally published in Mosman Daily, Thursday, 12th Jan 2012, written by Boel Eriksson

She uses the mind to break the habit

After a “lifetime” of people asking for her advice, Judi Gurd-Chapman decided to become a coach. While studying neurolinguistic programming, she discovered hypnotheraphy and made it her focus. Having studied here and overseas, Judi Gurd-Chapman of Mind Mechanics, has spent 10 years as a clinic hypnotherapist.

9am : Her day starts at her home office at Elanora Heights answering inquires and emails. She researches new clients’ medical conditions, investigate new hypnosis scripts or neuro-linguistic programming techniques, and organises information and tools for workshop and training. She also records hypnotic CDs for clients

12:15pm : Mrs Gurd-Chapman leaves for the Neutral Counselling Bay and Therapy Centre.

1:00pm : When a client is under hypnosis, Mrs Gurd-Chapman tries to break old habits and patterns – smoking, depression, weight – by connecting with subconscious. Her first appointment is with a new client who has depression. The initial consultation lasts two hours. “The client leaves calmers more relaxed with a wonderful serene look on her face,” she said.

3:15pm : Her second client, who has relationship issues, arrives. “The change is very evident even as I watch her walk in the door, she is walking more upright, standing taller and looking forward instead of down.”

4:30pm : The next client arrives and talks about her weight issues, diabetes diagnoses and work stress. She has come for a hypnotic gastric band program, which with hypnosis makes the client believes that she has a gastric band. “There will be no need for that pattern of overeating any more”.

6:45pm : The next client comes on the request from her mother to get some motivation, change the way she feel about her university course and work out what she really wants.

8:00pm : Her day at the clinic ends and she review appointments for the following day and writes up client files at home.